Draw Me Healthy


I’m proud to introduce the first book I’ve both written and illustrated–Draw Me Healthy. I like to describe it as half activity, half picture book. The reader draws on sticky notes to complete drawings and learns how to be healthier.

The Review and Herald put together this nice little promo video.


This book had a very different beginning. I came up with the idea of placing sticky notes on a page and completing an illustration several years ago. The story used to involve a cat trying to escape a monster that was chasing it. (View the pdf dummy- Help Me!). I shopped it around to publishers. Many appreciated the concept but passed.

The Review and Herald liked the concept but wanted me to come up with something for their faith-based curriculum. They gave me several topics. I decided to tackle the ‘being healthy’ story.

You can purchase Draw Me Healthy at these fine establishments-

Amazon The Adventist Book Center

Mail Me Art 2013

I was invited to participate in this year’s Mail Me Art exhibition. Artists from around the world doodle/draw/paint on an envelope, slap some stamps on it, cross their fingers, and mail it to the UK. The art is then shown at galleries in the UK. After that, all the pieces are compiled into a nice art book by HOW books.

What I find interesting about this project, is you aren’t guaranteed your work won’t be damaged in transit or worse yet, lost altogether. I painted the piece in gouache. Gouache is an opaque watercolor. If it gets wet, it could very well be ruined. I’m excited to see what happens.

sketch Mail_me_art_sm

The Okee Dokee Brothers, Grammy Nomination!

Wow! I’m so happy for Justin and Joe’s Grammy nomination! I’m honored to have illustrated and designed the album they are nominated for– Can You Canoe?. I thought it would be cool to show off some of the preliminary sketches and final illustration.

It all started with this guy. I created this t-shirt illustration for them before the the album was recorded. They had the album title and I came up with this.

When they were getting close to recording. I worked up this sketch based on the t-shirt design. Ultimately, they decided they wanted caricatures of themselves instead, like I’d done on their previous album, Take It Outside.

Here’s the first loose sketch/thumbnail. I had them in more of a bayou environment which we nixed.

We are getting closer here. A few more tweaks, one more tight sketch and…

Final sketch has been approved! As you can see, the type treatment evolved a bit… but this is pretty close to what was we ended up with.

Here’s the final cover and spine. There’s a lot of stuff going on here… where oh, where will the “Grammy Nominated!” sticker fit?

Buy the album or t-shirt from their site!- okeedokee.org

Good luck fellas… Bring home the gold!

Jobs that almost were

Once in a while I like to look through old job folders and see how things progressed or in the cases below, didn’t. Sometimes really amazing illustration jobs come your way and sadly, never materialize for whatever reason.

Case 1- The Lake Norman Library Mural. I’d just finished a mural for the South County Library. The folks at the Lake Norman branch were very impressed and wanted to see what I could come up with for their library. It was going to occupy a huge space. They said they wanted it to also double as a fundraising section… I suggested whoever donated would get a leaf that would go on the central tree.

About the time this happened, the economy took a huge dump and there were deep budget cuts within the Charlotte library system. Many branches were closed. Lake Norman did not close, but their budget suffered. All was not lost… I ended up somewhat recycling the owl and tree for a Lunch Money album design.

Case 2- Kid Robot/Dunny. A few years ago Kid Robot contacted me and asked me to come up with a few designs for their upcoming Dunny collection. I think someone saw the Munny design I’d created for a group show (see below). I was elated, stoked, dare I say… just plain friggin over the moon! I sent in several designs. I’m not sure if I heard back or not but alas, they weren’t chosen. I don’t like doing speculative work, but with a high-profile company like Kid Robot, you gotta roll the dice.

Munny I designed for a group show at the Bear and Bird Gallery • Lauderhill, FL


Laughter and Raindrops show photos!

Well, it seems I’m just now coming down from the high of all the attention bestowed upon me at the Laughter and Raindrops show.  What an amazing time we all had! The library staff did an incredible job of creating a fun, happy space for my work to live in for the next few months. Thank-you Tony Tallent, Clo Cammarata, and the rest of the Richland County Public Library crew for your hospitality and hard work. Your passion for the library and its patrons shines through! And a big thank-you everyone who made it to the opening. I so appreciate your support!

I believe it will run until January 2013… so, you have plenty of time to catch it before the apocalypse! :)

A nice write up culled from my past interviews.

I recorded the process of how I created the show poster from sketch to final.

Noah enjoyed all the food and drinks! He looks a bit confused. I think he thought I just play video games all day!

My supportive family– Mom and stepdad drove all the way from Tennessee!

Some of the awesome library peeps!

Inspiration! By the way, the Richland County Public Library has the only Where The Wild Things Are mural that Maurice Sendak approved. It is AMAZING. If you don’t like my stuff, it’s worth the trip just for that!

Mom looks proud :)

Train commissioned by Crocodile Creek. I hope it comes out soon!

A lovely display of some puzzles and toys I illustrated for eeBoo. I just love them. They were one of the first companies to send me jobs. They are the best. Please support them!

6 and counting! I love music and I love illustrating albums. Thank-you Jellydots, Lunch Money, and The Okee Dokee Brothers!

Oh, Molly and Jay from Lunch Money came by to show their support. You guys rock!

But is it ART? Did you know The Okee Dokee Brothers album, Can You Canoe? is on the ballot for a Grammy this year? Now that’s highfalutin!

Me and Tony Tallent. What a guy!